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Strategic Plan

 2027......Seems like a long way off, doesn’t it? In a sense, it is. Those of us who have small children, will have a hard time imagining how much bigger they will be in five years. Many of us will reach important milestones within that time period — graduations, weddings, career changes, new children and grandchildren. Thankfully Emmanuel is growing too, and with new members to be welcomed, ministries to be nurtured, and personal relationships to be forged over the next five years, we have the wonderful opportunity now to help define what the future will look like for our church community.

Beginning with the results of our Congregational Survey, completed every five years, administered in 2021,Chuck, members of our vestry, and staff have worked to put the feedback we received into a plan of action.Striving to grow in areas needing improvement and capitalize on our areas of strength, we have developed a blueprint to achieve our vision for Emmanuel by 2027. Each of the 5 strategic goals will be championed and directed by a team of vestry meembers who will work with the whole congreagation on achieving our goals and objectives.

The areas of focus on our next five years are:

Stewardship Education and Growth of Pledged Support to meet future parish needs

Growing our Parish community to continue providing a space where all are welcome

Engaging the whole congregation in volunteering opportunities that are a good fit for them

Providing Children and Youth Ministry that engages, supports, inspires and loves our young peopel to nurture their spiritual growth and development

Ensure organizational systems and capabilities provide efficiency, flexibility, and creativity in support of all Emmanuel’s ministries and activities, both present and future

We look forward to working with the Emmanuel community to see our vision for Emmanuel in 2027 become reality.