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Strategic Plan

 2022. Seems like a long way off, doesn’t it? In a sense, it is. Those of us who have small children, will have a hard time imagining how much bigger they will be in five years. Many of us will reach important milestones within that time period — graduations, weddings, career changes, new children and grandchildren. Thankfully Emmanuel is growing too, and with new members to be welcomed, ministries to be nurtured, and personal relationships to be forged over the next five years, we have the wonderful opportunity now to help define what the future will look like for our church community.

Over the past year, several members of the Vestry have worked with Chuck and our ministry teams to develop a five-year strategic plan for Emmanuel, which we are calling "2022". This plan captures a snapshot of who we are as a church community, including our current mission and vision, our core values, how we are organized and carry out our ministries, and how each and every person who walks in our doors can be an active member of our church community.

As a part of our outreach for this process, we heard from each part of our church community: long-time members, and recent arrivals; ministry leaders and regular volunteers; and each and every ministry from our Sunday School to Service and Outreach to the Altar Guild and everyone in between. Some groups shared their detailed plans for specific activities, while others shared a long-term vision for their part of our parish's mission. From all of this input, we defined five overarching statements of how we would like to describe Emmanuel Episcopal Church in 2022:

Strong as a Community

Active in Ministries

Nurturing to Individuals and Families

Connected to Tradition

Financially Sound & Well Tended

Our strategic plan — 2022 — is a living document. We seek and welcome involvement from throughout our parish in helping us to define the specific goals and strategies that will help us achieve our vision for 2022. To begin with, the Vestry will be creating Vestry Liaison Teams for each of our strategic goals. These Vestry Liaison Teams will be tasked with developing more concrete proposals for each strategic goal over the course of the next two years. A sampling of possible proposals is included in the Strategic Plan under each goal. Once these are defined, we will then set about putting those proposals into action and monitoring our progress in bringing this plan to life.