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Rector. The Very Reverend Charles C. McCoart, Jr. (or "Chuck" as he prefers) has been rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church (EEC) since June of 2013. He came to Emmanuel after serving for eight years as pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Church in the Mount Vernon area of Fairfax County, Virginia. Yes, you read that correctly! Chuck was a Roman Catholic for the first 50 years of his life and only recently transitioned into the Episcopal faith, which Chuck says is just a “far better fit” for him personally. Among several other topics - the ordination of women, married clergy, and how divorced and gay individuals are treated in the church was what compelled Chuck to make this transition. Ask him anything you’d like to know about the transition - he says it was one of the most life-affirming decisions of his life.

Chuck has been ordained a priest for 26 years and considers himself an encourager of people and a cheer-leader for God. He has a collaborative style of ministry and likes nothing better than to hear how God is at work in another person’s life.

Chuck is a native Northern Virginian who when not at work, spends his time with his large Irish family and life-long friends. Follow Chuck on his blog to find out what he is thinking on a range of topics such as: faith, family and life. Wherever you see Chuck, you’re also most likely to see Brock III, Chuck’s six month old, 65 pound, gentle German Shepherd who takes Chuck on 50+ miles of walks each week. Join them for a walk - and talk - some day. It’s good for the soul.


Associate for Worship and Spiritual Formation. The Reverend Joani Peacock is very happy to be serving at Emmanuel. She and Chuck share a common heritage. Joani is a native Washingtonian who grew up in a big chaotic Catholic family. She went to Catholic school all the way through college. But the good sisters told her to stop asking nagging questions! Long story short, she found her home in the Episcopal Church. Joani's home parish was Immanuel on the Hill and she graduated from VTS in 1994. Joani has served five parishes in the Diocese of Virginia both as associate and rector. She also was on staff at Bishop Payne Library at Virginia Seminary for seven years and is now a regular volunteer at the Library of Congress. At VTS she has also served as a colloquy mentor and a mental health evangelist. Joani's blog Unorthodox & Unhinged on mental health and spirituality was the inspiration for the Story District production of Mind Over Matter: True Stories about Living with Mental Illness. Joani is passionate about Christian education and works closely with the Adult Spiritual Formation Ministry Team. Joani's primary ministry at Emmanuel is as "parish liturgist"  planning Sunday worship and special services in concert with the Rector and Music Director. She also loves to sing (even though Sister Inez Patricia kicked her out of the Glee Club). Once in a blue moon, you might just see her singing with the sopranos.

Joani has four rocking adult children: one in VT, one in NYC, one in DC, and one in NC.

PS. Behind Joani is a discarded window from Emmanuel's renovation over twenty years ago. On her way to VTS on election day 1992, she found it in the church's trash! It has been on her mantel ever since.


Seminarian. Rick Bauer. With heartfelt enthusiasm, a big HELLO to all of my new Brothers and Sisters in Christ here at EEC! As I begin a year of Field Education as your new Seminarian, I look forward to learning more about the unique identity of your wonderful parish and to sharing in Christian community with each of you. I pray that you will also welcome my wife Katrina and our sons Ricky (4) and Christian (2) as we journey together. We come to you from the warm, multi-cultural beach city of Fort Lauderdale in urban South Florida. We are used to rhythms of life that are tempered by the presence of sand between our toes and the friendly smiles of people who have made a home out of a vacation destination. But that being said, we’re acclimating well to the new pace of life here and have embraced the changes with a spirit of adventure and a firm trust in the Lord.

Before our move to Northern Virginia to train at VTS, I worked as a lay professional for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church & School in Fort Lauderdale as the Religion Instructor & the Director of Youth and Contemporary Music. I also performed four nights per week, playing guitar and singing in a small band with my father. Katrina served as a public school teacher in Miami-Dade County and is now a busy mom, working remotely as a Supervisor for Florida Virtual Schools. We’re committed parents who want to do our utmost to help co-create the kind of environment that we want our children to grow up in. We look forward to our time together! 

Please check out my website for more information about our journey and the music that I have made.