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Rector. The Very Reverend Charles C. McCoart, Jr. (or "Chuck" as he prefers) has been rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church (EEC) since June of 2013. He came to Emmanuel after serving for eight years as pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Church in the Mount Vernon area of Fairfax County, VA. Yes, you read that correctly! Chuck was a Roman Catholic for the first 50 years of his life and only recently transitioned into the Episcopal faith, which Chuck says is just a “far better fit” for him personally. Among several other topics - the ordination of women, married clergy, and how divorced and gay individuals are treated in the church was what compelled Chuck to make this transition. Ask him anything you’d like to know about the transition - he says it was one of the most life-affirming decisions of his life.

Chuck has been ordained a priest for 24 years and considers himself an encourager of people and a cheer-leader for God. He has a collaborative style of ministry and likes nothing better than to hear how God is at work in another person’s life.

Chuck is a native Northern Virginian who when not at work, spends his time with his large Irish family and life-long friends. Follow Chuck on his blog at www.chuckmccoart.com to find out what he is thinking on a range of topics from faith, family and life.

Wherever you see Chuck, you’re also most likely to see Brock, Chuck’s seven year old, 120 pound, gentle German shepherd who Chuck describes as “the companion I never knew I needed!"


Priest Associate. The Reverend Joani Peacock is very happy to be serving at Emmanuel. She and Chuck share a common heritage. Joani is a native Washingtonian who grew up in a big chaotic Catholic family. She went to Catholic school all the way through college. But the good sisters told her to stop asking nagging questions! Long story short, she found her home in the Episcopal Church. Joani's home parish was Immanuel on the Hill and she graduated from VTS in 1994. She lived in Del Ray for 20 years and all 3 of her children are proud graduates of TC Williams. Joani has served four parishes in the Diocese of Virginia, most recently All Saints, Sharon Chapel. She also works at VTS in the library - which is a bit like heaven for a bibliophile. On campus, she has also been a colloquy mentor and a mental health evangelist. Check out Joani's blog Unorthodox & Unhinged on mental health and spirituality. Joani is a big believer in the Great Commandment, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, with all your mind, and all your strength." Emphasis on mind. And so, she has a great passion for Christian formation and education. She loves to sing (even though Sister Inez Patricia kicked her out of the Glee Club). On Sundays you might just see her singing with the sopranos.

 PS - Behind Joani is a discarded window from Emmanuel's renovation over twenty years ago. On her way to VTS on election day 1992, she found it in the church's trash! It has been on her mantel ever since.


Seminarian. Gethin Wied is excited to be the new seminarian at Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Gethin is a Middler (second year student) at Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) and comes from the Diocese of Los Angeles. A life-long Californian, he grew up in the small central valley town of Lodi, but for twelve years lived in the L.A. area before coming to Virginia to attend VTS. Gethin loved the change of scenery and is looking forward to exploring more of this region over the remainder of seminary.

Gethin is 32 years old and unmarried. He is the youngest of three siblings, with one surviving parent and hopes to one day be the proud owner of a basset hound named Cranmer. Prior to pursuing Holy Orders, he worked as a library assistant in the corporate library of a major automaker based in Southern California. Gethin went to undergrad at Loyola Marymount University where he studied Classical Civilizations and Archaeology. His personal interests include cooking, good conversation and lately, running.

This summer he participated in a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore. CPE is a chaplaincy internship that many Episcopal dioceses require of individuals studying for the priesthood and as a time of formation, it was a true gift for him. Over the course of the program, his colleagues and he visited patients throughout the hospital and then met twice a week for class time with their supervisor who helped them sift through their experiences as chaplains. It was an enriching opportunity and he met a number of amazing people who have helped to further shape his understanding of ministry to others. Gethin looks forward to sharing many of the insights he gained and moments of grace he encountered during these last three months.

Gethin feels tremendously blessed to have the chance to explore his call to the priesthood. It is his hope to ultimately enter parish ministry as he believes that healthy communities drawn together in Christ and centered around the sacraments of Eucharist and Baptism can be a tremendous force for spreading the Gospel. Gethin is joyous to have been called into this congregation and can’t wait to meet, get to know and encounter God in each of you!


Seminarian. A fairly new transplant to Virginia, Jordan Casson's calling began within the Roman Catholic tradition during his collegiate years at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. After joining the Chapel Assistants Program, which develops leadership qualities by emulating the work of Martin Luther King, Jr., Jordan felt called to the Roman Priesthood and
attended Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta.

At Candler, Jordan’s path led towards the Episcopal Church. After meeting Bishop Rob Wright (then the rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta), discovering the scope of social work in the Episcopal Church and realizing that he wanted a family in the future, Jordan decided to continue his discernment in the Episcopal Church and was received in 2012. While earning his masters degree in Theology, Jordan worked at Holy Comforter Church, where about 60% of the congregation suffers from mental illness.

Jordan is the former youth minister at St. Paul's Ivy Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, Virginia and is currently a Postulant in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. He is also an Anglican Studies student at Virginia Theological Seminary. The Post-Graduate Diploma in Anglican Studies program is designed to prepare individuals over a years time who have earned their first theological degree at a non-Episcopal seminary, and/or who have been ordained in other denominations, for ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church.  In the coming year, Casson looks forward to building a strong relationship with the Emmanuel family.