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Fellowship Groups

Fellowship Groups - Parishioners regularly gather for a meal, dessert and/or drinks to share in comaraderie, build friendships and discuss Emmanuel.

Youth Group - The youth group is a fellowship of young people ranging from 6th to 12th grade who meet during the school year for events and projects.

Twenties and Thirties (ish) Group (TnT) - The aim of the 20s/30s (ish) group is to provide an outlet for fellowship, faith formation, and service. We want to encourage sharing of life concerns and events, and through spiritual and social discourse, we want to help each other to be good stewards in our congregation and the larger community. We are a varied group (singles, parents, couples) and so would love to welcome anyone who is interested.

Prime Timers Group - "Although all are welcome, the Prime Timers are a group of individuals who are generally available, because many of them are retired, to get together during prime time, such as Tuesday afternoons for a movie and then coffee afterward. This we did initially on a fairly regular basis for several months, more recently we had a Tuesday afternoon/evening wine and cheese party, and other activities are planned. If you are interested in participating, please contact Jim Bradley (703-683-7675)  or Beth Boland (703-538-6806).

Sewing and Craft Group - Love to sew and make crafts? Join in the fellowship of this talented group which meets weekly and works on various crafts and sewing projects.

Music Groups - including the Adult Choir, Children’s Choir, and Guitar Circle.


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