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Our Program

Emmanuel Preschool provides opportunities to develop the whole child and help him/her be well prepared for life and school. Emmanuel strives to build a strong community where the children, families, and staff feel supported, ever-developing and growing, and valued. We strive to prepare children and help confident, well-equipped children transition smoothly to future settings by providing a rich and well-rounded educational environment in which each child is met at his/her developmental level in order to help him/her grow into a confident and inspired student.  In addition, this exposure sets the child up for success and encourages him/her to become a life-long thinker and learner.

The classroom offers a variety of activities including teacher-planned and scaffolded explorations, as well as emergent explorations based on children’s interests.  In their classroom, children are invited to engage in morning meeting, small group activity, story time, snack, lunch, free play and child directed play during choice times.

Our playground provides opportunity to develop large motor skills, to run and climb, engage in pretend play, and create in the sand box.  In inclement weather, we use the Big Room (Parish Hall) with riding toys, mats, climbing structure, and games.

Choice rooms are a unique feature at Emmanuel Preschool.  Our Art Room, Block Room, Dramatic Play Room, and Activity Center provide children the opportunity to freely explore the space and equipment in each room which promotes imagination, creativity, social skills building, and cooperative play.

Through songs, grace at snack and lunch time, and developmentally appropriate celebrations at holidays, children are exposed to God.  The Rector of Emmanuel meets weekly with our 4/5 year-olds for Chapel beginning in October.

Optional after school activities are available for all children on various days throughout the week. A Summer Camp
is offered for the month of June. 

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