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Our Children

Children learn by interacting with the world surrounding them and their environment through hands-open play, by figuring out how things work while utilizing problem-solving skills, and by developing spatial sense in respect to themselves and others, as well as self awareness.  Exploring these concepts enable children to learn about themselves as a student and citizen and their role in the world around them. 

A preschooler’s whole world centers on his or her interests and feelings.  We help children learn to use language to express their wants and needs, to handle disappointments through coping mechanisms, and to positively interact with other children.

Emmanuel Preschool is responsive to the individual needs of each child enrolled in our classes, and we strive to differentiate our approach to meet the needs of every child at EPS. Communication is key to creating the best environment for children. Teachers send out a Daily Note to families about the day, the office sends out a Weekly Messenger, and Parent Conferences are held twice each year to share about your child’s experience in more depth, as well as review a child’s progress.

If parents or teachers have specific concerns, we collaborate to address them. We help link families to services through Child Find or private therapists if needed.  We always act in the best interest of the child, and the parent-child-school connection is vital in supporting every child.