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Annual Giving Frequently Asked Questions


If I am already donating to Emmanuel, do I need to complete a pledge?

Although a pledge is not required, pledging helps us to budget accurately and efficiently. Knowing what we can expect to receive in donations enables the Financial Team to plan expenses in keeping with anticipated income to ensure the financial stability of Emmanuel in the near term and but also for the future.

Is a pledging the same as a tithing?

The two are related but not the same. A tithe is considered a percentage of income, generally 10%. A pledge is assurance that you will donate a specific amount, decided by you. The back of your pledge card provides some suggested guidelines for level of giving but at Emmanuel our goal is to have each parishioner pledge the amount they feel is both appropriate and manageable.

I have already set up recurring giving online, do I need to return a pledge card?

It is helpful for our records to have a completed pledge card in case of any discrepancy. However, sending an email to Janie Piemonte indicating you wish your recurring gift to be considered a pledge would allow the office to complete a card for you.

Can I complete my pledge card online?

Yes! Visit Emmanuel’s website, www.emmanuelonhigh.org and click on the far-left tab labeled “contact.”  Select Giving Campaign from the drop-down list, complete the required information and submit.

 How can I pay my pledge?

You can pay your pledge in a variety of ways: 1) drop your check in the mail to the church office, 2) drop your check in the collection box or basket on Sunday, 3) set up automatic giving through our online portal using either a direct draft from your bank or a credit card charge.  To set up online giving just go to our website, www.emmanuelonhigh.org, and click the e-giving image on the home page.

Can I pay my pledge using my annual IRA distribution?

Yes! Several parishioners already utilize their minimum annual distribution to honor their pledge to Emmanuel. You can set this up with the institution that holds your IRA.

Can I set up a recurring payment online?

Yes! Follow the instructions above to access the online giving portal. Just choose recurring gift when setting up the donation.

What about fees for online giving?

Our online vendor charges Emmanuel for $0.39 each transaction and in addition a percentage fee is charged per transaction amount. The fee is 0.75% for an ACH or Automatic Clearing House transaction and 2.99% for a credit card transaction. When setting up your donation, you can opt to include these fees in the transaction.

Can I prepay my pledge?

Yes. Several of our parishioners choose to pay at the end of the previous calendar year for the upcoming campaign or at the start of the new calendar year.

Can I pay annually or quarterly?

You can pay your pledge in whatever increments work best for your personal circumstances. We have pledges that are paid in weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual installments.

How will I know my payments have been received?

The church office sends out a donation statement at the end of each quarter via email to all pledge donors and at the end of the year for non-pledge donors. This statement shows all donations entered in the church database.

Do I need to pay separately for my annual pledge and my capital campaign contribution?

If you wish to combine these two donations into one payment, you are welcome to do so by informing the parish administrator how you wish the payment to be split. You can email Janie Piemonte to provide these instructions or indicate the respective amounts on your pledge card.

Can I get weekly envelopes?

Yes. If you wish to have weekly envelopes in which to make your donation, please check the box before submitting your pledge card.