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Welcome to Emmanuel Preschool!

About Emmanuel Preschool

At Emmanuel Preschool (EPS), we believe that children learn best through play and their relationships and interactions with peers and caring adults. We strive to: 

  • Foster children’s cognitive development and social/emotional growth
  • Encourage children to practice specific social skills (taking turns; sharing; respecting oneself, others and the environment) and to develop independence
  • Provide developmentally appropriate opportunities to practice problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Cultivate children’s self-expression through imagination, creativity and language
  • Use a play-based curriculum to teach literacy, math, science, art, music and communication skills in a way that piques children’s interest and curiosity
  • Provide opportunities for physical activity to foster both gross and fine motor development and build small and large muscle skills through varied forms of play


Upcoming Events

  • September 13 | 1st Day of School for all 3s and 4/5s
  • September 16 | 1st SHORTENED Day of School for 2s
  • September 30 | 1st FULL Day of School for 2s
  • October 8 | NO SCHOOL - Teacher Work Day
  • October 11  | NO SCHOOL - Columbus Day
  • October 29 & November 1 | NO SCHOOL - Parent/Teacher Conferences