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School for the Spirit

Emmanuel’s Adult Spiritual Formation offerings are designed to deepen the intersection between our love of God and love of our neighbor, connecting our Sunday worship to our Monday through Saturday lives. 


By engaging hearts, minds, and souls, we explore what it means to be 21st century Christians; creating welcoming and safe opportunities to strengthen faith, relationships, and community, with the goal of deepening our personal commitment to service in God’s world.


In person and online, Emmanuel offers a variety of programs for everyone seeking a deeper knowledge of God. 

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

10:00 a.m. in the Memorial Room. A relaxed, supportive, free-flowing discussion on scripture and books of the Bible.

Paperback Spirituality

Our parish book group explores the faith through all kinds of literature: biography, fiction, history, spirituality, and more.

Rabbi by Appointment

One on one informal conversations with the Associate for Worship designed for newcomers to explore their spiritual curiosity about the Episcopal Church.

Popcorn Theology

An exploration of the faith through film, these occasional Sunday evening film screenings include lively discussion and refreshments in the Memorial Room

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Spiritual Socials

These occasional programs focus on faith celebrated in culture and through the arts. Previous socials have featured the Poet Laureate of the City of Alexandria and a workshop on embodied faith and creative movement.

Hiding in Plain Sight

An opportunity to wrestle with angels and tackle tough ethical questions in our everyday lives, this occasional program uses long journalism and podcasts to spark the conversation.

First Sundays

On the first Sunday morning of each month between the 8:00 am and 10:00 am services in the Memorial Room—small group discussion and introduction to a variety of topics to spark your spiritual curiosity.

Wondrium Short Courses

Wondrium is the expanded Great Courses program offered online—a treasure trove of programs on religion, biblical archeology, world religions, theology, philosophy, history, and more. Offered on Zoom, a thirty minute video is followed by a 30 minute  discussion.

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