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Dawnita Altieri

My story begins in Wisconsin at Camp Webb in the 1980’s when I spent my first time at sleepaway camp singing hymns and prayers with a guitar strumming staff. The camp adventures were served with a side of art, swimming, horseback riding, and shenanigans. The camp is an outdoor ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Wisconsin. I was smitten, but could never find a church to replace that feeling.

Fast forward to 2015 when my husband and I began a long search to find a spiritual home; we visited many churches in the region- and they all had positive attributes, but none felt like “home”. I spoke with a friend, a Pastor at St. Albans in Annandale and he recommended Emmanuel. We attended services over a four- week period, met Chuck and Joani, and then volunteered for various committees at the Church. I have enjoyed everything about Emmanuel- the parishioners, the activities, and its deep commitment to our community. I am so thrilled to be a member of this church and was baptized in 2017. It was such a meaningful moment for me and my family.

We feel that Emmanuel is the best choice for our family.

Dawnita Altieri


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